How Do I Save Money With Solar?

First, you protect yourself from rising energy rates. After your Solar Panel solution is paid for and you become energy independent the money you would pay a utility stays in your pocket.

How does it Benefit the Environment?

Solar is a renewable energy. It reduces the greenhouse gas emissions and reduces air pollutants like sulfur dioxide.

Does the Value of my House Increase?

There are several studies that support homes with Solar Energy Solutions sell for more. In many cases adding solar panels is a better investment than renovating a kitchen. However, you must own, as oppose to leasing, the solar panel system for the value to increase.

How do Solar Panels Work?

It’s Chemistry. Basically, you have two types of silicon and stacked on top of each other. When the sun hits them it creates a chemical reaction that makes electrons want to move. When you connect the two silicon layers you create a path for the electrons to flow. This path is called a current, in this case, a Direct Current. The direct current needs to go through an inverter to become an Alternating Current. Then the power can be stored in a battery and used by your lights and appliances.

Are there energy rebates and incentives available?

Yes. These rebates are available through the state and the federal government. We can walk you through your options when you call us at 503.504.4365