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Unless you are producing your own power, you are paying for infrastructure that mostly benefits the utility companies.

The utilities need to invest in engineering that transports power from miles away. This includes towers, lines, transformers, and substations.

Those billion dollar costs get passed on to you. Instead of helping a utility profit, you could be investing in your energy independence.


There is already tons of solar power companies who are ready to help, ready for the shift to clean renewable energy. We do not represent one company but all who are helping us have a brighter future. We have done all the research for you and found the best companies out there and brought them together so you can make an easy decision.

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Most of the installed solar panel solutions in Oregon simply eliminate the occurrence of an electric bill altogether. Solar powered panel use in homes isn't the future it's now just like plugging in your electric car, why pay for gas either? Switching to our solar power company could save you hundreds a month. Get started with a quote today.

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We Understand not everyone can afford their own home. We want everyone to benefit from the global change that is upon us. We are offering a great referral program of $200 per friend you help switch to solar. For those that want to work in this industry full time a business opportunity that's the next 1.6$ trillion dollar industry.

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